Orlando, Florida: February 23rd-24th 2015

After working long and exhausting hours five consecutive days in a row, the weekend finally came for us! WoopWoop! My roommates and I decided to go to Denny’s for brunch.


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


Once we were done indulging ourselves with delicious brunch, we decided to spend some time out at the pool. And since it was our day off today and tomorrow, my roommates and I got ready to go out to one of the local bars here in Orlando, House of Blues, for some free drinks since we’re all Disney cast members. IMG_1962




The next day, my roommates I decided to make a reservation at a Japanese Restaurant, Tokyo Dining in one of the Disney theme parks called Epcot. For an appetizer, we ordered fried calmaries and three of their specialized cocktails called “Mt.Fuji”. Honestly, I feel like sushi is one of the those meals that just you can’t go wrong with. Every single roll we ordered had their own sense of taste and we absolutely loved every single one of them! My favorite is definitely the spicy tuna roll. You can never go wrong with spicy tuna rolls.







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