Wave After Wave: April 8th

The day has finally come, our long waited trip to Key West!!

Four of my roommates and I got tickets to go down to Key West for the day. We left Orlando around 3 AM and seven hours later, we’ve finally arrived!

The first stop we made at Key West was the SouthernMost part in the Continental USA: Southernmost beach. Since this was a public beach, it was quite crowded. So we ended up staying there for only ten minutes then we made our next move to go to one of the private beaches in Key West: (Fort Zachary State Park)

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IMG_3401When I imagined Key West, I imagined a beautiful beach with blue and green crystal water and soft sands that would just melt us away. But boy was I wrong. The sand there is HORRIBLE! It was so shelley, we had such a hard time walking around.



Snapbacks and Tattoos ❤

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Along with our bus ticket down to Key West, we also purchased a complimentary ticket to go snorkeling.

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You are so divine.

SNORKELING TIME11026125_1086098528070385_6536320444912883364_n 11082493_1086091588071079_3461244989746057045_n

Snorkeling was so much fun! I was scared at first because I have a phobia with water but I felt safe knowing that my friends were right next to me and I had my life vest on! lol

I expected the water to be cold, but the temperature was perfect! Not too cold, not too warm.

It felt so weird being in the middle of the ocean. Nothing was around us except for our boat. It just felt so surreal.

Slowly drifting.


By the time we got off the boat, it was around 9 o’clock and boy were we hungry. We found a sea food restaurant near by and started out with ordering my favorite: oysters.

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Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Cheers to DCP 2015 and new friendships!

Memories that I’ll never forget ❤

IMG_3530Well that’s it for the Key West Trip. 7 hours back to Orlando!

It’s been real Key West! SEE YA LATER!

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